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zine fest zine fest! pt. 1!

21 Mar

The reading at Quimby’s was freaking packed! I think Amber was reading when I took this picture. Can you see her? I can’t either…but check out her blog for way more detailed Chicago zinefest love.

Zine art wall at Johalla Gallery!

The two pieces I had in the art show! (Pic by Shira Pilarski)

On the shelf at Quimby’s…

Shared a table with these cuties.

And this one–the incomparably classy Ryan Dodgson. (Pic by Ramsey Beyer)

Will the owner of this bearded lady tattoo please come forward to be showered with eternal love and affection?

I came home with a suitcase full of zines! Other people’s zines! Not the ones I came with!

As you can see, I fail at taking pictures. But I had a lot of fun despite returning with some kind of horrible disease that has left me bedridden since. Fail! In any case, so much love and thanks to my host Robin Banx and friends, to all those lovely zinesters near and far, especially those who traded zines with me, and to Milo and Chris from QZAP and their friends who fed me oh so good.

i PROMISE a comix update soon. SOON!


Another Diamondback cartoon.

4 Mar

I have some sweet brofantasys. I’m having one of those nights where I stare blankly at my computer instead of doing work.



overwhelm (verb): to defeat someone or something by using a lot of force.

8 Oct


I don’t usually write personal stuff in this blog, but I think I want to right now.

I read in this zine called subversive submissive, which I picked up at the Baltimore Rad Bookfair Zine Bazaar, about the psychological concept of “overwhelm” from Peter Breggin’s book Toxic Psychiatry. The zine is about BDSM but the section on self-injury and mental health was the most interesting for me. The zine’s author described overwhelm for her as “an intense anxiety marked by racing thoughts, uncontrollable crying, and an inability to speak coherently; [or] an intense depression in which [she freezes] up and become unable to move or speak at all, sometimes even unable to form complete thoughts.” This really is resonating with me right now, but I haven’t been able to find much online since the book isn’t really on google books. I always make fun of Brosef for diagnosing himself off the internet, but I think if I’m anything it’s fucking OVERWHELMED. Like the zine’s author, I used to cut myself, and “I learned that the pain could help me cope with both anxiety and depression…could provide a point of focus when my thoughts were racing or wake me up when I was unable to feel anything” (16). I think that a lot of anti-cutting stuff is total bullshit, and I think that people are so opposed to self-injury because it freaks them out, not out of a desire to address or distinguish between the nuanced reasons why individuals self-injure. But I digress. I don’t have any desire to cut myself anymore, and I’ve been trying to redirect that need for a focus point into activities like running, but it isn’t really working. I feel scattered. I need something to focus on. I keep forgetting to breathe.

❤ j bee.

Non-beard-related images.

6 Oct

This image is entirely wonky but I kind of like it because I drew it immediately after totally fucking up this presentation in my Spanish class, and it really reflects how flustered I was. Bet you didn’t know that I am actually a full time student with a job also. Just kidding you probably knew that.

goddamn unicorn
Sometimes a unicorn-human hybrid drinking a mug of coffee is exactly how I feel.

❤ jenna bee.


29 Sep

is surprisingly difficult sometimes.

here is a unicorn:

inspired by a) michael berube’s “what’s the matter with cultural studies,” b) everyone i know and c) that was a lie i just doodled this during a panel at SPX.

i have the carbon footprint of a unicorn. my hoof is not giant, but i am putting it in your butt so it feels pretty huge.

i need a nap.
j. bee

It’s not spicy enough.

27 Aug


❤ jenna b.

p.s. I'll scan Aug. 26th and 27th later.