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8 Feb

Come watch one of my favorite movies with me to support the D.C. Zinefest! How better to kick off a year of apocalypse, precarity, and uncertain revolution? RSVP at the Facebook event.

As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart. ~Borgia Ginz

“A gay boy jerk off through the titillation of his [Jarman’s] masochistic tremblings. You pointed your nose in the right direction then you wanked.” –Vivianne Westwood

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D.C. Zinefest 1st flier

29 Jan

Follow zinefest updates at the Facebook!

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Works in Progress: D.C. Zinefest

28 Jan

Planning for this year’s D.C. Zinefest is about to get in full swing and I’ve got the to-do list to prove it. Keep an eye out for this flier (inked) and updates as things develop!

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Santa Sangre Film Screening

6 May

I’m dumb and didn’t save the original scan of the artwork, so you’ll just have to deal with this actually informative version. In any case, the world is supposed to end on May 21st, so what the hell else are you going to do besides come watch one of the greatest movies ever at a D.C. Zinefest fundraiser?

In case you didn’t know, Santa Sangre is a 1989 surrealist horror film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. It is set in Mexico and tells the story of Fenix, who grew up in a circus and witnesses his mother Concha, who is devoted to an armless saint, have her own arms cut off by her enraged husband. If you want to know more you have to come see the movie.

❤ jb

Sister Spit at UMD, April 9th.

6 Apr

This poster was made from an original illustration I posted here a while back, and designed by Grace Toulotte. What do you think?

Anyway I hope folks come to Sister Spit on Saturday, it should be interesting and I hope there is a Q&A where maybe some famous people get called on their shit. The event is free, you don’t have to be a student. Maybe it will be a cutie-fest.

❤ your favorite curmudgeon.

DC Zinefest will blow your mind (but first, see you in Chicago)

23 Mar

I have folded so many zines, and I am so ready for the Chicago Zinefest! See you in the Midwest, America.

❤ jb

Flier for Chicago Zine Fest Fundraiser

13 Feb

I’m headed to the Chicago Zine Fest again this March, to hang out with my zine buddies, get tons of new zines and debut some new work, hopefully. I’ve also got a workshop with the incomparable Jami Sailor featuring some rad to be announced panelists. In the meantime, Chicago folks, go to this event I drew a flier for.

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