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Grad school conversations

11 Jan


GRE today!

3 Sep

Wish us luck.

Anxiety comics: talkin’ nerdy.

21 Mar

❤ jb

Anxiety Comics: Grad School Edition

13 Mar

I continue to be waitlisted at one school, so there is that, also.

❤ jb

Sometimes you have to scrap the whole thing and start over.

7 Mar

This comic could go in about a million directions…it’s still a choose your own adventure at this point. In other news, Thursday night I will be your popcorn wench at the first official D.C. Zinefest fundraiser at Video Americain. It’s free (zinesters suck at fundraising) so you should probably come. This Saturday I will be reppin’ at the Wingnut in Richmond. Also my friend Mal started a weird ass blog that I am somehow involved in.

❤ jb

Wednesday craft day.

24 Nov

Cut up pages from a children’s book and rubber stamped letters on bristol board.

I got a letter from Naomi of Tuff Town today! It was on the back of a map which was cool. Also they pretty much have convinced me to actually print Sassyfrass 6.

Practicing lining up letters with rubber stamps.

Cutting scales for a project I’m working on.

Also, I got the new issue of Culture Slut in the mail and this awesome pin! I’m such a good model, ha!

I’ve also been making garland-y things

Some of them are skulls. Also I was dying stained shirts different colors and my glove ripped, if you were wondering why my hand is blue.

That kid will stop at nothing to keep procrastinating! I am a very productive procrastinator. Off to fold laundry.

❤ jb

Zinester Interviews

23 Nov

Hey friends! Hannah of Hannah reads zines is doing zinester interviews! It is always fun to hear from each other on zine-related topics, so if you make a zine, e-mail her at not_lonely_zine [at] yahoo.co.uk.

Back to trying to make myself sound like someone you would desire to be in your graduate school program.

You don’t want no jargon, no no jargon, no no no no jargon.

❤ Fergie Ferg (j.bee)