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Review of Sassyfrass #5

4 Jan

Hannah Reads Zines just posted a review of Sassyfrass #5, along with reviews of zines by several of my favorite zine makers.

Cheers! Back to the grind…

Making cards

6 Dec

I’ve been making a lot of cards recently, particularly thank you cards–both for my use and for a couple of folks who requested my services. Here are a couple of examples:

Plus, Hannah Reads Zines email interviewed me, and that’s posted. Enjoy the embarrassing typos and glimpse into my brain, since you don’t get enough of that. Stay for the other better stuff she posts.

Also, remember Sassyfrass will be tabling at the Small is Beautiful Crafternoon on Dec. 11th from 2-6! It’s at The Annex (525 Shepherd St NW) and I will have zines and hopefully other goodies!

❤ jbee

p.s. Femme a Barbe 2 review posted on Hello Amber! Also, remember I am taking submissions for #3!

Zinester Interviews

23 Nov

Hey friends! Hannah of Hannah reads zines is doing zinester interviews! It is always fun to hear from each other on zine-related topics, so if you make a zine, e-mail her at not_lonely_zine [at] yahoo.co.uk.

Back to trying to make myself sound like someone you would desire to be in your graduate school program.

You don’t want no jargon, no no jargon, no no no no jargon.

❤ Fergie Ferg (j.bee)