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Coffee with Ilse

27 Jul


This piece will be on display at OQ Coffee in Highland Park, NJ starting August 11th!


Toxic/ Phreak N Queer

24 Jul

I’m going to have work hanging at the Phreak N Queer Festival art show starting Aug 1st at Space 2033 in Philadelphia!

Here’s one of the pieces:

Sadly I won’t be able to go to the festival since I’ll be visiting family in Washington State, but YOU SHOULD. Perfect humans like my darling Voyager and greatest DJ PRECOLUMBiAN will be performing. What could be better?


Pictures with friends

24 Oct


The amazing and talented Clara Bee Lavery came to visit me over Sukkot, bringing good cheer, an amazing tolerance for my grumpiness, and amazing baking abilities. I was blown away especially by her productiveness–Clara pumps out the art. For proof of this, witness my single sketch of Clara eating a popsicle in our makeshift sukkah, versus the many beautiful pieces from our visit on Clara’s site.

Back to the mid-semester grind,
miss you ❤ jb

I Like Big Mutts

9 May

I just put this drawing in the mail for a penpal/ fundraiser supporter:

big mutts_small

I know this pun has been done but I swear I came by it independently. Also, I have been kind of emotionally focused on my need for a dog. Maybe after I get back from Poland…

Thank you to everyone who has already donated (your drawings and paintings will be heading your way asap), and if you haven’t already, I’ll be doing this until the end of June! If you have an extra chunk of change, it’s a great chance to get a custom zine cover or birthday card or something along those lines. But also, no donation is too small–it all adds up and is really incredibly helpful (and those postcards are pretty cool).


Pizza money

29 Jan

Now that this thank you card has been received, I might as well post it. Basically if you send me pizza money, you might end up with a drawing of some pizza. If, of your own volition or inspired by this brilliant post, you sent me donut money, you might end up with a snazzy picture of some donuts by yours truly. The same might be true of new laptop money.


In any case, the recipient of this sweet mail is the awesomest person, who recognized the utter shittiness of grad school finals and labored to make it better all the way from her magical kingdom of Canada, using her magical powers of the Internet. It was super nice and resulted in pizza, which is the most magical thing of them all.

Also I kind of might have a fever right now,

I’ve got a crush on you.

21 Feb

So I vastly (100%) over-estimated potential interest in Curmudgeon e-Valentines, or possibly in donating money to Curmudgeon. It may be that I am overestimating general interest in Curmudgeon broadly (by the way, new comic is up and we are now posting on Tuesdays). Nobody ever said labors of love were rewarding!

In any case, here is a photo of the watercolor I did for my e-card. Do you think it would make a nice notecard (oh nebulous internet readership)? I was thinking about printing some.

This episode of artist insecurity brought to you by,

Works in Progress: D.C. Zinefest

28 Jan

Planning for this year’s D.C. Zinefest is about to get in full swing and I’ve got the to-do list to prove it. Keep an eye out for this flier (inked) and updates as things develop!

❤ jb