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You’re the one for me, fatty

9 Dec

I made this super-quick Hannukah card for my partner in between laboriously eeking out sentences of a 25 page paper due Tuesday (on page 17!). The words are, let’s say “reclaimed” Morrissey lyrics, and I used my awesome cheapy colored pencils to color it in.


You’re the one for me, fatty/ You’re the one I really, really love.


Valentine’s Day e-cards

6 Feb

So my Curmudgeon co-author Foster and I are not all about Valentine’s Day, unless it’s actually Lupercalia, but we do want to show our love to everyone who shows us theirs. For the month of February, everyone who donates a dollar to Curmudgeon will get secret e-cards from Foster and I, that I will not show the Internet. Then you can like, forward them to your sweeties and they will appreciate you so much.

In the meantime you get this crappy paint guide to finding our donations page:

Help us keep the Curmudgeon lights on and contribute to Foster’s top surgery fund! Bristol board and feeding unicats gets expensive.

Thanks for your love, webcomic readers of the universe.

❤ jb

p.s. You can also still buy anything your heart desires from my Etsy store.

zine fest zine fest! pt. 1!

21 Mar

The reading at Quimby’s was freaking packed! I think Amber was reading when I took this picture. Can you see her? I can’t either…but check out her blog for way more detailed Chicago zinefest love.

Zine art wall at Johalla Gallery!

The two pieces I had in the art show! (Pic by Shira Pilarski)

On the shelf at Quimby’s…

Shared a table with these cuties.

And this one–the incomparably classy Ryan Dodgson. (Pic by Ramsey Beyer)

Will the owner of this bearded lady tattoo please come forward to be showered with eternal love and affection?

I came home with a suitcase full of zines! Other people’s zines! Not the ones I came with!

As you can see, I fail at taking pictures. But I had a lot of fun despite returning with some kind of horrible disease that has left me bedridden since. Fail! In any case, so much love and thanks to my host Robin Banx and friends, to all those lovely zinesters near and far, especially those who traded zines with me, and to Milo and Chris from QZAP and their friends who fed me oh so good.

i PROMISE a comix update soon. SOON!


an outpouring of love doodled in between classes and sometimes during them but not during any classes taught by teachers who might read this blog.

30 Oct


❤ j bee

Didn’t do anything productive this weekend.

5 Oct

Which is actually a lie…I did a lot of productive things that did not involve updating this blog. Mostly I hung out with my amazing friends.

❤ j.