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The Man Who Married A She-Demon

29 Jan

A while back I drew this adaptation of the myth “The Man who Married a She-Demon,” from Joachim Neugroschel’s The Dybbuk and the Yiddish Imagination for a collection called the Jewish Comix Anthology. You can buy the whole collection from AH Comics, but here is my little corner of that, for your enjoyment:


shedemonpage2 copy

shedemonpage3 copy

shedemonpage4 copy

shedemonpage5 copy


13 Apr


I painted this little 4×6″ mermaid while watching that epic new History Channel show Vikings, using my new Dr. PH Martins liquid watercolors, which are amazing. In the interest of paying for said watercolors, if anyone wants this piece, make an offer! I come cheap.

❤ JB