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The Man Who Married A She-Demon

29 Jan

A while back I drew this adaptation of the myth “The Man who Married a She-Demon,” from Joachim Neugroschel’s The Dybbuk and the Yiddish Imagination for a collection called the Jewish Comix Anthology. You can buy the whole collection from AH Comics, but here is my little corner of that, for your enjoyment:


shedemonpage2 copy

shedemonpage3 copy

shedemonpage4 copy

shedemonpage5 copy

This witch eats the rich

24 Nov


Still drawing witches! Drew this one for a friend who wanted a punky witch with a black cat familiar. All my favorite witches are punk as fuck anyway.

Back to Constance Classen: “The poisonous reek of the witch was an intensified form of the foul odor attributed to women in general. The cold wetness of the female body was imagined to predispose it to putridity. Not only did women corrupt others through their sensuality, therefore–they were themselves in a continuous state of decay.”



Diaspora (Jacob and the Angel)

25 Jul

The deadline for Doykeit #2 (the diaspora issue) quickly approaches and I have finally come up with a potential cover–like the cover for #1 references the story of Ruth and Naomi, this one draws on the story of Jacob wrestling the angel in a queer(ed) hermeneutic (#nerd). Send me your submissions by August 1st!


Zine Coven

27 Jan

Some rad zine friends are putting together a new review zine, coming to a Chicago Zinefest near you (I think) this spring. I drew this cover for it!


Grad school conversations

11 Jan


Home for the Holidays (Geography Lesson)

7 Dec

Just a quick comic page from my sketchbook, drawn late at night after I couldn’t think well enough to write anymore.


In case you, like many of my friends, are Canadian or otherwise not familiar with the East Coast of the United States, D.C. is an hour further south than Baltimore. Also, geography is not taught in most public schools.


Until the sea shall free them

17 Nov

I got asked to draw some kind of Haraway mermaid assemblage by my buds at Hoax zine, and it happened to coincide with a Leonard Cohen kick, so I was thinking about drowning sailors and mermaid assemblages which led to thinking about drowned zombie sailors self-assembling into mermaids which led to this drawing.

Back to reading about ghosts and capitalism,