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I love penpals

7 Jan

I recently sent one of my penpals a copy of Interview Clothes and they sent this back:



Penpalling In the Age of Internet.

27 Jan

We’ve got a snow day today so I’ve been watching episodes of the 9th Doctor in bed and doodling. Laaaazy. Of course this is D.C. so there is like an inch of snow.
❤ JB

p.s. the font in the banner is based off the font mentioned by Julia in this post.

Wednesday craft day.

24 Nov

Cut up pages from a children’s book and rubber stamped letters on bristol board.

I got a letter from Naomi of Tuff Town today! It was on the back of a map which was cool. Also they pretty much have convinced me to actually print Sassyfrass 6.

Practicing lining up letters with rubber stamps.

Cutting scales for a project I’m working on.

Also, I got the new issue of Culture Slut in the mail and this awesome pin! I’m such a good model, ha!

I’ve also been making garland-y things

Some of them are skulls. Also I was dying stained shirts different colors and my glove ripped, if you were wondering why my hand is blue.

That kid will stop at nothing to keep procrastinating! I am a very productive procrastinator. Off to fold laundry.

❤ jb

Sad empty mailbox.

20 Sep

If you need my address, comment with your infoz.

❤ jb

Doctor, it’s a sketchbook case.

31 Aug

Been too sleepy to draw. I like cutting things up though, it appeals to me.

Also, I haven’t been posting about mail or zines I get but today I got a letter from one of my favorite pen pals that was so pretty and good that I needed to take pictures of it. You know when you’re stressed out and you get mail that makes you feel better about life? Also, someone named Carly who has a radio show called Earful of Queer in Ontario made buttons of a line from Femme a Barbe and sent me some!

The button says “Tear Shit Down and Pour Glitter on the Ruins,” from F.A.B. Vol.1. Also, if there is to be a Vol. 2, I need funds, so if anyone wants to donate in exchange for art, you would be the hair hero of life. The hairo.

❤ j.b.

got a bunch of mail this week! including hella art/perzines

11 Dec

Got these little letters from Ocean Capewell and my fellow Girl Scout Camp counselor Squid. I like little letters because they say “I am really fucking busy but I was thinking of you and took the time to write you this little letter.” Expect some sweet little letters back.

I also received this epic letter from sves. It contains so many goodies that really it should be called a package. In addition to a letter and gorgeous original artwork by one of my favorite artists (sves, obviously), it also contained two great zines:

the everyday moment and

Armful of Too Much to Think About #1

Here is an inside page from Armful of Too Much to Think About:

the everyday moment is about roadtripping to Halifax and features a lot of sweet drawings. sves writes: “This zine is about me remembering things, about a town that I left, only to be reminded of the things while being on vacation.” The typwritten parts of the zine are a little hard to read but all is forgiven. The zine captures the almost surreal quality of leaving home, and the importance of taking risks. It’s 10 pages half-sized black & white photocopy hand-sewn with thread. Armful of Too Much to Think About is a little meatier in terms of page length and variety of content. sves writes: “The zine is a collection of stories and thoughts from the last year, as i moved out of my house and started to find communities and people that i felt comfortable in.” There are a lot of absolutely gorgeous drawings in this zine and writings on identity, love, sex, and how to make ROOT BEER CHOCOLATE CAKE which I really need to try. This zine is 20 pages half-sized black & white photocopy and stapled. To negotiate terms of getting your hands on one of these beauts, e-mail sves at artsves [at] gmail [dot] com (for now).

I also got a whole mess of zines from Chelsea Dirck, which was exciting because I forgot that I had sent her my zine!

Chelsea is a damn good artist, she has a lot of pages from these zines posted on her flickr so I would click that link I attached to her name and check them out. I don’t have time to do them justice since I really need to eat some microwaveable food and then go do massive amounts of work. But I will say that she uses the space of the zine in a way that I never thought to…each page is like a canvas and she uses negative space brilliantly. Each one is $3 or negotiated trade. More info here.

My stomach and my microwave are making a cosmic brain wave connection right now.

Hope everyone is staying warm…I live in a house shaped cube of ice.

❤ j.bee

if only there was a major in epic penpal-ing.

16 Nov


these are getting sent out tomorrow. i’m out of stamps so i need to get some more before i can send out more epic mail.

off to start my actual work, now that it’s 2:30 in the morning.

❤ j.bee