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Office Life.

21 Sep

This is pretty much the closest thing to art that I’ve been doing lately:

Here I demonstrate a low level ability to use Photoshop without any of the actual fonts I need.

I too can adjust contrast and skew my text!

Things are very very busy, between being an entry-level administrator and trying to break into ye olde academic side of things. I’m still working on Curmudgeon and hopefully as the year progresses I’ll have more time to work on other projects, or at least learn to stop sleeping in order to better make use of my time in order to draw things and put them on the Internet for your enjoyment. We do what we can, right.


Teaching myself Photoshop

4 May

I am attempting to learn how to do things in Photoshop. This would be easier if i had a newer version of the program and/ or a tablet of some sort. This is why I stick to black and white doodlin’.

In other news look at my cute gym buddy. I doodled this in my sketchbook while waiting for the actual comic I am working on to save in Photoshop, because it took like a half hour.

❤ jb

CISPES ride update

26 Oct

I drew/photoshopped this image for the thank you notes for folks who gave money to CISPES (which you can still do!) a couple weeks ago when I did that epic 180 mile bike ride with the coolest friends this side of the Mississippi.

Here are the cards:

❤ jb

playing around with photoshop

15 Nov


trying to teach myself this stuff a little at a time.


for guy friday.

6 Nov


obviously this is not the WHOLE day of the bearded lady…this is an ongoing project. this is the first time since i got this blog that i have tried using photoshop to color a comic and i’m pleased with it i think. i wanted to leave the original black and white and easy to copy because it’s going to go in a blog i’m working on about beards.

❤ j bee.