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But First…A Snack!

2 Feb

As everyone knows, procrastination is the name of the game. I prefer procrastibaking, and then procrastisnacking. I drew this testament to a way of life for a fellow devoted snacker, as a form of procrastination. Also I tried out a new marker paper which is supposed to be bleedproof and awesome and specially designed for markers but actually it’s like drawing on wax paper. Which is fine. It’s a look.

but first a snack

back to the endless piecing together,
the lonely pre-dissertator

Overload comix

8 Oct

govfail 1


Hitting that point where I have so much to do that it feels like nothing is getting done. At least I didn’t shut down the government.

❤ jb

p.s. i deeply and unabashedly enjoyed this:

I don’t normally do this, but…

14 Jan

from PHD Comics.

Imagine what it’ll be like when I’m actually in a PhD program.


Winter break: Procrastination Station

29 Dec

Really positive procrastination, I think. I’ve watched an incredible amount of A Bit of Fry & Laurie, cleaned a bit, patched a lot of clothes, and not done anything related to anything I actually have to do. It’s okay, I work better under pressure anyway.

Teaching myself to cross stitch. My goal is to eventually do a Tom of Finland cross stitch. Can anyone recommend a good book of patterns or anything like that?

Second sampler, for a friend (not finished).

Embroidering Femme a Barbe Insurgency patches. Would folks want these?

Also, still working on learning to do lino-cuts. Got some good advice from a friend on heating the linoleum up before cutting. Oh the life of a philistine trying to be an artiste.


Wednesday craft day.

24 Nov

Cut up pages from a children’s book and rubber stamped letters on bristol board.

I got a letter from Naomi of Tuff Town today! It was on the back of a map which was cool. Also they pretty much have convinced me to actually print Sassyfrass 6.

Practicing lining up letters with rubber stamps.

Cutting scales for a project I’m working on.

Also, I got the new issue of Culture Slut in the mail and this awesome pin! I’m such a good model, ha!

I’ve also been making garland-y things

Some of them are skulls. Also I was dying stained shirts different colors and my glove ripped, if you were wondering why my hand is blue.

That kid will stop at nothing to keep procrastinating! I am a very productive procrastinator. Off to fold laundry.

❤ jb

Lungs and Sandra

24 Nov

Movies I have watched this week: Wild Side, Sick, XXY, Beautiful Losers, Without You I’m Nothing. I started watching Annie Hall but I fell asleep (I’ve seen it a lot of times before) and I started watching Janeane Garafalo’s stand up in Seattle but it turns out despite being my favorite actress of the 90s, she isn’t very funny. I will just continue to imagine her in Reality Bites.

Here are my favorite shoes that I finally gave up on and threw away:

If anyone wants to get me a new pair of brown shoes I wear a size 8 mens and my birthday is on December 17th.

Applications shmaplications,

procastination nation.

24 Nov

self portrait.

❤ j.bee