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Queer History Comix Anthology Zine

18 Aug

I am co-editing this anthology zine with Elvis of Homos in Herstory! You have plenty of time to submit, so get going on those comics.


So, basic specs:

Think 1-5 pages, black and white or grayscale, send us jpgs or pdf. We’ll be printing at half size (like 8.5×5.5) so keep that in consideration. Comics should be on the theme of queer history–either queering history/queer historiography, focusing on a moment of queer history, or maybe like…being a queer in the archives. Email Elvis or me (I’m at sassyfrasscircus at gmail dot com) with questions. Submissions are due Jan. 1st, 2015!


Toxic/ Phreak N Queer

24 Jul

I’m going to have work hanging at the Phreak N Queer Festival art show starting Aug 1st at Space 2033 in Philadelphia!

Here’s one of the pieces:

Sadly I won’t be able to go to the festival since I’ll be visiting family in Washington State, but YOU SHOULD. Perfect humans like my darling Voyager and greatest DJ PRECOLUMBiAN will be performing. What could be better?


Oh yeah! Doykeit #2 is here!

21 Feb


It’s a doozy. You can get it on Storenvy or pick it up at the New York Feminist Zinefest next week! I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between decolonizing Palestine and decolonizing Judaism (see this excellent and thought-provoking piece from Heike Schotten and the other pieces in that series) and I am grateful to all the contributors to this issue for participating in these kinds of conversations, and writing some beautiful pieces!


1920s Lower East Side

10 Jan

I’ve been slowly sketching for a future graphic novel project with favorite collaborator and best playwright probably ever, MJ Kaufman. It’s about a bunch of Jewish queers and a dybbuk in the 1920s Lower East Side, and it’s based on a play MJ wrote a while back called “A Live Dress.” This is just a sketch from the set that I feel kind of good about, mostly because I used watercolor graphite for the first time, which I am now obsessed with. It’s basically just a soft block of graphite that you use with water and a brush, and then can erase when it dries. I never draw with pencil but now I am in love.



WANTED: A Journal of Desires

1 Dec

Drew this up for the cover of the new issue of WANTED: A Journal of Desires:


WANTED is a smut zine for incarcerated queers and other interested readers. So if you write smut or read smut and/or want to support folks in prison in a small and sexy way, get involved! Here’s all the info you need about this important and awesome zine project (adjust submission deadlines for actual last days of months):
Wanted Flyer

To order a copy or submit, email smutsaywut@riseup.net or mail B Gastropoda/PO BOX 1126/Asheville, NC/28802.


Femme a Barbe, available online

1 Aug

I still recommended picking up a paper copy from one of the distros that carries Femme a Barbe, but if you don’t have access or just want to read it online, here are scans of the three existing issues (click on the link for the pdf, and please let me know if you have any problems with it).


❤ jb

Diaspora (Jacob and the Angel)

25 Jul

The deadline for Doykeit #2 (the diaspora issue) quickly approaches and I have finally come up with a potential cover–like the cover for #1 references the story of Ruth and Naomi, this one draws on the story of Jacob wrestling the angel in a queer(ed) hermeneutic (#nerd). Send me your submissions by August 1st!