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Secret feminist famous?

28 Nov

If you get a chance to check out the new issue of Bitch magazine, there is a feature on QZAP on page 12!

And the illustration is the e-card I drew for QZAP a while ago!

I’m not credited anywhere for it, which is sort of a bummer, but hey, if you’re reading this, now you know–the sweet picture on page 12 was drawn by yours truly. I am secret feminist famous. Anyway, Bitch magazine, I love you guys and I would love to draw for you some more, not secretly!

And now, since I was at my parents house for Thanksgiving, pictures of me with my cute pets.

Gabby imitating a Turkey…her full name is Gabrielle, like sidekick of Xena. Xena passed away last year, but hilariously, Gabby (also known as Gabba Gabba Hey) was NEVER the sidekick, but rather was always the HBIC.

World’s fiercest kitten, Mizzz Charlie Fuckyou.

Also, some pictures from hiking at Soldier’s Delight (park right by my folk’s house) with my dearest oldest friend in town from Boston and our boos.

❤ jb

Milwaukee Zine Fest Weekend Pt. 2

16 Nov

None of these pictures are actually from the actual zinefest. Haha!

(photo borrowed from faythe levine)

Nico and Eric model Zine Fest Weekend Pancake Brunch high fashion at Cream City Collectives.

Inside the arid boob-dome.

A brilliant host and chef in addition to being one hell of an archivist and zinester. That there are some squash and beet enchiladas. Hey Milo, where can I get that recipe?

I’ve never had so much fun with beets in my life.

If you thought that looked unnatural, this is what happens when you consume Taquis Fuego, complete with straight-up MSG.

Value Village Milwaukee. Gems.

So many new zines! I think I am going to have to put a zine box in the bathroom, otherwise I will never get to read them all.

This is why I come home, duh:

❤ jb

p.s. Fest bloggin:
Jami Sailor (Your Secretary)
Little Jamie (Things That Matter)
Random Person Who Took A Picture of My Table

Milwaukee Zine Fest Weekend

15 Nov

After experiencing some luggage breakage on the metro Friday that threatened my sanity, and traveling literally by bus, train, and airplane, I made it to Milwaukee and got picked up by the great Milo Miller, always a sight for sore eyes and the start of a great weekend full of zines, new and old friends, fried food, and a boob-shaped dome full of cacti. Whaaaaat. Milwaukee weather was cold, but Milwaukee peeps was warm. ❤

By far my fanciest set-up ever. One day I will even stop making stupid faces when people take pictures of me. [photo credit Ramsey Beyer]

New BFFs, Kelly Shortandqueer and Jami Sailor. I think we were a three-headed zombie in a past life and just hung out and ate each others brains. Creepy? Yes.

The Fancy Zinesters chorusline. Book us now to a bookstore or brothel near you!

After dinner at The Palomino, loitering. [Photo by Ramsey Beyer]

Spring breaaaaaak! In addition to having fried pickles, fried jalapenos, fried okra, and fried everything, The Palomino boasted random girls dressed as fairies giving out free samples of absinthe mixed with gross things like Red Bull. It turns out absinthe tastes like butt, so I didn’t even finish that shot thing, but this picture is still hilarious. Plus I love these Chicago kids. What happens in Milwaukee stays in Milwaukee.

Post-zinefest touchin’ on the boob-dome. Which is actually a three-boob-dome botanical garden.

Also, after Milo drove my goofy booty to the airport at 4:30 am and I plane/bus/trained it back home, I haven’t actually been home yet. Most of these pictures I have stolen off of Facebook. If they are not credited they came from my camera or Kelly’s camera but I don’t remember which. I will probably have more pictures later when I get to upload again, such as what happens to your tongue when you eat straight up MSG, and how epic of a zine haul I ended up with.


❤ jb

zine fest zine fest! pt. 1!

21 Mar

The reading at Quimby’s was freaking packed! I think Amber was reading when I took this picture. Can you see her? I can’t either…but check out her blog for way more detailed Chicago zinefest love.

Zine art wall at Johalla Gallery!

The two pieces I had in the art show! (Pic by Shira Pilarski)

On the shelf at Quimby’s…

Shared a table with these cuties.

And this one–the incomparably classy Ryan Dodgson. (Pic by Ramsey Beyer)

Will the owner of this bearded lady tattoo please come forward to be showered with eternal love and affection?

I came home with a suitcase full of zines! Other people’s zines! Not the ones I came with!

As you can see, I fail at taking pictures. But I had a lot of fun despite returning with some kind of horrible disease that has left me bedridden since. Fail! In any case, so much love and thanks to my host Robin Banx and friends, to all those lovely zinesters near and far, especially those who traded zines with me, and to Milo and Chris from QZAP and their friends who fed me oh so good.

i PROMISE a comix update soon. SOON!


Trying to work, despite Snowmageddon Round II.

10 Feb

Working on pages for QZAP:meta.

Bearded Lady research.

Laying out Femme a Barbe.

Rescuing brooms in the snow.

The conference I was supposed to present at on Sunday was cancelled, which is beyond tragic, but I made this semi-okay little video for one of my classes:

❤ j.bee

snow day zine day!

6 Dec

I got a couple zines in the mail from ocean capewell just in time to spend a snowy Saturday in bed reading. My room is really cold so it’s hard to motivate myself to get out from under this sweet electric blanket.

High on Burning Photographs #3 deals with grief, losing friends and the process of mourning. the zine also features a list of amazing characters ocean has encountered on the streets and in the laundromats of pittsburgh (also a page distinguishing between philly and pittsburgh, which i admit i have failed to do at least once. FAIL.) , and some amazing victorian clip art. this zine is really great to have around when you’re feeling crazy and missing friends who are gone. It has also sort of inspired me to want to make a zine about my grandmother, who recently passed away. She was really important to me and died from emphysema. We had a memorial service for her but I didn’t really get a chance to talk about the things I really loved about her or the frustrations I had about our relationship. Anyway…High on Burning Photographs #3 is half-sized, 20 pages black & white photocopy and you can get it from ocean (and you should).

High on Burning Photographs #4 is about healing and positivity, “growing up,” loving tough girls, sobriety, “voluntary singlehood” (and approaching relationships in a healthy way), ways in which ACT-UP infiltrated ocean’s adolescence, and major Pittsburgh love. I have never been to Pittsburgh, but I kind of want to go now. Hey ocean, if I come to Pittsburgh, will you entertain me? The zine is half-sized, 23 pages black & white photocopy, and costs $1 (well-concealed by USPS), postage or trade, from ocean.

I also just received a beautiful mix tape from bernard? which makes me sad that my car no longer has a tape deck. I think I have one somewhere at my folks house, but in the meantime I am contenting myself with the materiality of the tape itself, and the amazing i-am-loved feeling that comes with someone taking the time to make something just for you.

Also, Milo just posted Sass!, a mini-zine I made a while back, up on QZAP. It’s kind of embarrassing because I made it while drunk, with a busted pen nib, but that’s okay it’s funny. Also I just read this zine called GenderFuckMe which I really enjoyed, y’all should check it out.

Back to drawing Bearded Ladies…
❤ j.bee

p.s. a sweet blog post on femme (in)visibility.

send an e-card from the queer zine archive project!

23 Nov

yeah you totally should send this one.

appropriate for any occasion!