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Call for Submissions: Sassyfrass Circus #8

7 Oct

After 7 issues of Sassyfrass Circus, I have decided that #8 is going to take the zine in a new direction—I am opening it up officially to submissions with a central issue theme of the cross sections of Jewish and queer identity, and how those identities might inform an anti-Zionist or Palestinian solidarity politic. Some organizing frames include the concept of “doykeit” or “hereness,” decolonization of Judaism, and experiences of queer identity as a Jew or in a Jewish context. Submissions should take the form of personal narrative, whatever mediums you want to use to express that. The issue will be ¼ size and black and white. Send submissions to sassyfrasscircus@gmail.com. Also I’m trying to get the issue out before the Philly Zinefest, so the deadline is November 4th!


Q: Do I need to be queer to submit?
A: Nope! If you’re interested in submitting to this zine you probably should.

Q: Are you a self-hating Jew?
A: Go back to AIPAC.

Why I am Looking Fly

13 Jul

dedicated to Julia of A l’allure garconniere

This comic is an only-slightly dramatized version of how my mother and her talented fashion-forward friends give me a makeover approximately once every two years, to varying degrees; the most recent to mark a new period of job hunting this summer. There is a lot to be said about the feminist and capitalist implications of “upkeep” (and tying professional acceptance or acceptable personhood to constant consumption) and the class privilege associated with “looking employable” which I will get into another time. In my mama’s estimation, this also means a commitment to appropriate femininity which becomes a sort of game of concessions, compromises, and dinner table nagging (Mom, I haven’t shaved in like 8 years it’s time to drop it).

the before shot bow chicka wow wow

On a practical or personal level, I am very excited to have a haircut for the first time in over a year (and feel neutral about having my entire face waxed) and have been engaging in a lack-of-space-driven project of getting rid of any clothes that are: falling apart, don’t fit, originally belonged to my dad in the eighties, started out as part of a Halloween costume, never see the light of day (or night), or were thrifted or swapped for truly inexplicable reasons (cheap! free!).

I am paring down my wardrobe into three categories: things that will last forever and can be worn in many situations, gym bro clothes, and things with sequins and/or overalls. I am also working on repairing or altering clothes and shoes that I love but are busted (rather than getting new ones or letting them languish).

Also, it is an absolute fact that people I don’t see on a regular basis often don’t recognize me when we meet, because I never look the same. For whatever reason, I apparently morph like three times a year.

after! (now i am holding a kitten)

There was a serious moment somewhere between throwing away the patched up, raggedy-ass shirt that I have worn at least once a week (usually way more) for the past three years or so, and dropping off my dry cleaning, in which I made a commitment to getting up five minutes early to put clean clothes on.

In this moment I acknowledged that I have entered a future where I do things like go to the doctor (instead of ignoring injuries), get haircuts (instead of growing my hair out awkwardly between shavings) and cook balanced meals (instead of melting cheese on things).


And this, Julia, is why I am looking fly.

❤ jb

Get Sassyfrass #7 Today (If You Want)!

25 May

Sorry for the blurry picture, I know you like my khaki sheets. The real point is, you too can be a proud owner of a very limited number of Sassyfrass Circus #7! Get ’em while they’re hot from Etsy. Inquire within if you want to trade and/or review.

“Sassyfrass Circus #7 features 26 pages of comics, flowcharts and rants covering topics that vary from cicadas to idiopathic hirsutism. Rave reviews include “This is barely coherent in a good way” and “it needed more comic representations of me”. Made in one cheese-fueled sitting with a circa-1970s Adler cursive typewriter, a fairly functional printer, and some scraps of paper. Half size, black and white, pretty amusing and a perfect length to read on the toilet.”


p.s. Sassyfrass Circus is not for profit and all monies go towards printing and postage costs, and occasional other supplies like tape, staples and oh so much rubber cement.

Sassyfrass #7 is done!

17 May

And it is a classy pile of sick if I have ever seen one. Rave reviews include “This is totally incoherent” and “Did you spell my name wrong?”

Copies will be available shortly. ❤


New comic up on Shareable!

16 May

My new comic for Shareable is up! Make sure to head over there and comment or whatever so they’ll let me keep drawing! Also I am not sick anymore but I am also almost done Sassyfrass #7, which is slightly less haphazard than Sassyfrass #6, and I may actually distro, thus the lack of updates. Also I biked to work today and it wasn’t that bad, so maybe gearing up for Free-Transportation-Summer ’11.

The Legend of Sassyfrass Circus

4 Mar

I just found possibly the only remaining copy of Sassyfrass Circus #1 (I’m going to make more copies maybe), which I don’t really distro. I decided to scan a couple of pages (clearly when I made this I hadn’t met Jami “Mind Your Margins” Sailor) because the Legend of Sassyfrass Circus is hilarious.

❤ jb

back to pen and ink.

24 Jan

I’m going to be talking (hopefully more facilitating a conversation) about zines at Red Emma’s in Baltimore on Thursday, February 24th at 7 pm. Check out the Facebook invite.

❤ JB