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10 May

Things are moving too quickly as usual, but I think it’s time that I got back into the swing of this whole blogging thing. I’m moving to New Jersey at the end of the summer to start a PhD program at Rutgers, wish me luck! I drew a follow up comic about it for Shareable, which posted today. The original grad school angst comics are being published in a real live book that you can buy if you want. The fact that Cory Doctorow may have read one of my comics makes me squeal a little, nerd heroes and all that.

In the meantime I’m busy planning the D.C. Zinefest and building my freelance/ illustration portfolio. I tumble a lot, for better or worse. After a lot of bellyaching, I decided to take a hiatus from Curmudgeon while I focus on other projects, and I feel pretty good about the decision.

Also I’m seeing the Carolina Chocolate Drops tonight, which fulfills all my dreams, and so I leave you with this live performance of Milwaukee Blues, which may capture an iota of the rapture that I will experience this very eve.


Okay I think I like New York now.

21 Nov

A hazy and tiny picture of our “Youth in Recession” panel at the SHARE NYC conference this past weekend:

I had a chance to talk about starting and getting involved in projects when you don’t really have credentials, not waiting for permission, and basically hacking everything. I think there may be a video that will appear at some point. Up da punx!

Thief is the new Share,

Upcoming Events–Philly & NYC

11 Oct

On November 13th, I will be tabling at the Philadelphia Zinefest! I will probably have some new zineage if all goes as planned. I hope to see y’all there! Philly was the first zinefest I ever tabled at, but I haven’t made it the past couple of years so I am super excited.

And the next weekend, I will be speaking on the Share or Die panel at SHARE NYC, at 9 am on November 19th! If you register for the conference now with the Code earlybird19, you’ll save 25%. I’m really looking forward to this conference, I think it will be totally rad. “SHARE NY is an event that aims to give you the tools, knowledge, and connections to begin to create your own future – one that is more affordable, sustainable, connected, and tapped into the growing new sharing economy.”

❤ jb

Hilarity ensues.

22 Jul

From the weekly Shareable e-newsletter:

True story.


Flowchart of Post-Graduation Doom (full color)

19 Jul

How great does this full color version over at Shareable look?

Color done by hometown hero Daniel Meltzer.


New Shareable comic posted

28 Jun

I have a new comic up on Shareable, on Co-op Housing at the University of Maryland! It’s based on an interview with the incomparable Liz Ciavolino, who is playing a show in Philly on July 17th that I will also be at, supporting (emotionally?). In other news, check out the Zinemaking party at HacDC this Wednesday and stay tuned for the July 1st launch date of my webcomic with Foster, Curmudgeon. Also, I have a stress fracture on my tibia which is irrelevant but I feel the need to share.

More previews

17 Jun

Also, the Shareable e-book that I am in is finally available! It’s worth it for the awesome color work they did with my flowcharts. And…you know…the hundreds of pages of interesting content.

❤ jb