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What to Keep in Muzzle Magazine

8 Jun


Just a quick piece in the most recent issue of Muzzle Magazine! Go for the art, stay for the poem titled “Butthole Butthole Butthole Butthole.”

❤ jb

p.s. sorry I am not posting a lot, I am busy getting a PhD. Also a lot of stuff is in the pipes. Check the pipes.

1920s Lower East Side

10 Jan

I’ve been slowly sketching for a future graphic novel project with favorite collaborator and best playwright probably ever, MJ Kaufman. It’s about a bunch of Jewish queers and a dybbuk in the 1920s Lower East Side, and it’s based on a play MJ wrote a while back called “A Live Dress.” This is just a sketch from the set that I feel kind of good about, mostly because I used watercolor graphite for the first time, which I am now obsessed with. It’s basically just a soft block of graphite that you use with water and a brush, and then can erase when it dries. I never draw with pencil but now I am in love.



Maiden, Mother & Crone

12 Dec


I recently listened to the audiobook version of Neil Gaiman’s novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane, read by the author. I thought it was a fantastic story. It had similar resonances for me as The Neverending Story–the protagonist reminded me of Bastian Balthazar Bux, which is to say also, of myself as a child. It was both fantastically magical and terrifying, and had awesome descriptions of food, which is something I look for in literature (see Brian Jacques Redwall series). As usual, Gaiman did a wonderful job of weaving mythological and magical figures into contemporary settings and situations, and I especially loved the Hempstock family, Lettie, Ginnie, and Old Mrs. Hempstock–mysterious and ancient magical women in the maiden, mother and crone model of the triple goddess, whose powers include the ability to cut and stitch time, and who are also just strong and capable farm ladies. I really like them, and thus I really needed to ignore a massive pile of grading and some seminar papers to bust out some Gaiman fanart.

Teen nerd life forever,

p.s. the bottom part is shiny gold paint which is really shiny IRL. i wish it was shinier in the scan but take my word for it, it’s so shiny.

Overload comix

8 Oct

govfail 1


Hitting that point where I have so much to do that it feels like nothing is getting done. At least I didn’t shut down the government.

❤ jb

p.s. i deeply and unabashedly enjoyed this:

“Revolutions in Communication and Pedagogy” –B.K.

27 Sep

Fun with teaching lesson 4: Make sure students have a strong historical base for contemporary issues.

Fun with teaching lesson 5: Use real world examples.

Fun with teaching lesson 6: Covering your tablet with your hands does not prevent texts from your boyfriend from being visible on the projector.

Isn’t teaching fun!

Back to school

11 Sep

Teaching this semester has gotten off to a slightly rocky but also slightly hilarious start. These sketchbook doodles come to you via my attempts to work through the horrors I am inflicting on young-ish minds.

Any resemblance to actual classroom events and students, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and in any case distorted by my own burning sense of mortification (i’m pretty sure it wasn’t really THAT bad).

Fun with teaching lesson 1: Students say they read the syllabus. Students did not read the syllabus.

Fun with teaching lesson 2: If you say penis once in class, you will not be able to stop saying penis in class. Everything else will fall apart.

Fun with teaching lesson 3: Your tech will always fail you.

Bonus broke teacher joke: “Teachers deserve a lot of credit. Of course, if we paid them more, they wouldn’t need it.”


p.s. As I start teaching this year and face my own frustrations around budget cuts and lack of resources and support (much less my own classroom foibles), I am thinking of Philadelphia public schools facing absurd cuts, and children all over going back this fall to gutted school systems. So many students show up to our college classrooms woefully unprepared, or never get a chance to be there at all. Education must be a priority. Get involved!

Grad school conversations

11 Jan