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Reality (Bites).

6 May

This is actually what life feels like right now.

Arizona immigration law SB1070 (is racist)

5 May


I made this cartoon in like 3 minutes…

28 Apr

After my editor called and told me my original toon had been rejected by the higher-ups for the appearance of intra-newspaper dueling. Damn higher ups.

You can kind of tell that I taped that shit together in warp speed. But really, what the hell does “fiduciary duty” mean and why can’t I find a job?

Here’s a photo of the original toon:

Which is a response to one of the most idiotic letters to the editor ever written, probably. Maybe.

“In the second panel, the woman says, “Yea!” So it wasn’t against her will. The column also says that the male in the cartoon “crams the heel of the boot up the woman’s skirt with such force that she is thrown spread-eagled off her feet, flying higher than the man’s head.” The only reason it was drawn that way is because that is the only way I could accurately depict the whole country of Italy going into her.”
~Joe “I’m an idiot” Welkie

❤ j.bee

Two Diamondback Cartoons

23 Apr

From April 22nd and April 23rd.


Sorry I haven’t been posting…

21 Apr

I’ve been working on Sassyfrass #5 (get psyched!) and writing my thesis (on page 45!) so I haven’t been drawing as much as usual. But perhaps you can amuse yourself with this (sort of) apology for my incredibly (not) anti-semitic cartoon in the Diamondback. For new readers, I have been attacked by certain parties (variously as an anti-semite or a self-hating Jew depending on whether or not people google me and/or went to Hebrew school with me) for a cartoon criticizing Israeli policies that restrict the movement of Palestinians and essentially are forcing Palestinians into the open-air ghetto that is Gaza. Hope that’s working out for you, bros.

❤ j.bee

well, that’s an endorsement.

14 Apr

An endorsement of sweet sweet DIY multitools. It’s like an activism spork.

❤ j.bee, who is both obtuse and hamfisted.

thanks anonymous diamondback internet commenters! you always brighten my day.

Palestinian Solidarity Week.

13 Apr

My favorite part of this job, as always, is the anonymous internet commenters. Also, this week is Palestinian Solidarity Week at the University of Maryland! Make sure you check out the sweet events Students for Justice in Palestine and allies put together.