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Selfie Control at The New Inquiry

17 Mar


My new piece for The New Inquiry is up online now! It’s pretty exciting to me, since its my first single-author feature piece.

Here’s an excerpt:

The rise of the selfie coincides with revelations of mass surveillance: We have all started taking more photos of ourselves as we’ve become subjects to the government’s massive recording apparatuses. Being photographed and monitored constantly, whether by friends’ cell phones or the NSA, is shattering already unstable subject positions around the photograph, not to mention the value of differentiating between public and private space. Domestic wiretaps and corporate targeted marketing is accompanied by the increasing use of biometrics in security cameras and social media alike. The technology that makes the selfie possible is also the technology that makes mass surveillance simple.


“Seeing Things” for The New Inquiry

3 Feb
Triptych, text messages with my 3 sisters via smartphone.

Abu Ghraib Memory Triptych, text messages with my 3 sisters via smartphone.

Check out my review of Shawn Michelle Smith’s book At the Edge of Sight: Photography and the Unseen over at The New Inquiry!

The photograph is proof, evidence. And yet, the photograph does not speak for itself. The photograph both records and crops, “both expand[s] and narrow[s] a visual field.” What lies outside of the frame, on the edges, behind the camera? The photograph offers no proof that does not need to be corroborated by testimony. Once, audiences were eager to be fooled by optical illusions—a fairy in a child’s hand, a dead loved one hovering in the frame. Now, in an age of ubiquitous photoshopping, we are right to be suspicious and yet we are still gripped. This is reality, captured.


World of Weathercraft

7 Jan

My favorite person and I wrote a piece for the most recent issue of The New Inquiry, in which we tackle the theme of “Weather” by combining my interest in sci-fi, Bailey’s interest in nature, and our mutual interest in “scary things the government does.” Check it out if you have a subscription already, or get one if you don’t want to wait forever to read it.


Subscribe to The New Inquiry!

16 Nov

Please support the entirely-independent magazine that I write for, so they can afford to pay me, so I can afford to buy things. It’s only 2 dollars a month and while the web content is entirely free, the actual magazine is beautiful. I drew a flow chart, which probably doesn’t actually explain why you should subscribe. But, subscribe!

Miss you,

Books and Blogs

25 Jun

My review of Leela Corman’s graphic novel Unterzakhn is up at The New Inquiry. Check it out?

Also, you can now purchase Make Your Own History: Documenting Feminist and Queer Activism in the 21st Century, edited by Lyz Bly and Kelly Wooten, from Library Juice Press. I drew the illustration on the cover and they also reprinted a section of mine and Jami Sailor’s zine Archiving the Underground. The book is full of useful essays by really smart folks that will meet all of your queer and feminist archiving needs. Highly recommended.

I didn’t get a chance to scan it, so here is a weird space phone picture:

And the e-book that included a bunch of my graduation/ grad-school anxiety comics, Share or Die, is also available for purchase! I haven’t gotten my contributors copy yet, but I have it on good authority that it is a better book to buy for the recent college graduate in your life (and tuck a check inside), than any book about what color your parachute should be or whatever. This book will actually speak to the terror and unlimited possibilities new grads are stepping into. Get on it!

In the zine world, in addition to working on new issues of Archiving and Sassyfrass Circus, I am also working on a new issue of Femme a Barbe (queer/feminist facial hair zine) and still accepting submissions for Doykeit (queer/feminist rad Jewish zine). So if you’re interested in submitting to either of those projects, email me at sassyfrasscircus@gmail.com. Also, July is apparently International Zine Month. Alex Wrekk made this cool list of recommended activities, and though it doesn’t appear that “Submit to JB’s zines” is on it, I think it totally should be.

❤ jb

Back from Epic Travels!

2 Jan

If you haven’t been watching, Curmudgeon has been updating its own damn self, while I eat donuts in Seattle with my sweetie.

Also, my review of the book Cruel Optimism by Lauren Berlant is up at The New Inquiry.

Happy fucking New Year!

Review of “The Queer Art of Failure” at The New Inquiry

4 Aug

My second book review is up at the New Inquiry!

pic source: bloodshower.tumblr.com/post/8337081296

Check it out? Also, updates on the Pelican Bay SHU/ California prison hunger strike can be found through the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity blog, including the recent announcement that the strike may be reinstated in response to meager bullshit concessions.