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Grumpy Winged Kitten Princess

11 May

Another donation request painting, that I mailed out earlier this week! I included some process photos below…for this one I sketched the design onto computer paper and used a lightbox to transfer it to coldpress watercolor paper (to avoid too many pencil marks). I used Dr. Ph Martin’s liquid watercolors and a Faber-Castell pens on the finished product.





EDIT: here’s a slightly better final image…
grumpy winged kitten princess

I love the opportunity to foray into adorableness.


I’ve got a crush on you.

21 Feb

So I vastly (100%) over-estimated potential interest in Curmudgeon e-Valentines, or possibly in donating money to Curmudgeon. It may be that I am overestimating general interest in Curmudgeon broadly (by the way, new comic is up and we are now posting on Tuesdays). Nobody ever said labors of love were rewarding!

In any case, here is a photo of the watercolor I did for my e-card. Do you think it would make a nice notecard (oh nebulous internet readership)? I was thinking about printing some.

This episode of artist insecurity brought to you by,

Night of a Thousand Hillarys

7 Oct

For some, their worst nightmares. For others, their most terrible fantasies.

But wait! Who is that peaking out of the sea of lawyer Hillary Clinton look-alikes? Is there hope for romance, even in Washington, D.C.? Find out at curmudgeoncomic.com!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you “Like” Curmudgeon on Facebook–I’m going to give away the original artwork of one of our strips to our 100th fan. Strategically, you should get all your friends to “Like” Curmudgeon and then “Like” it yourself later.

❤ JB


1 Jul

Our webcomic Curmudgeon is up and (mostly) ready for your consumption! We’ll be posting weekly on Fridays. Also if you’re a computer nerd and notice any glitches etc. remember that we are novices and you can email us all your beefs (and love duh) at two.curmudgeons@gmail.com.

Here is a useless screenshot:

It was only a matter of time before all my comics ended up being about unicorns and/or bros. 😀
❤ jb

Curmudgeon (first concept sketch)

27 May

This is the first concept sketch I’ve done for Curmudgeon, the webcomic I am starting with my bro Foster. After I scanned it I made the unibrow darker because it looks better and in homage to Helga from Hey Arnold! who is one of my fucking heroes. Anyway stay tuned for this here webcomic probably mid-June.

❤ jb

What Foster and I do when we’re not getting swole

15 Apr

Unicorns hate haters.

❤ jb

Two Diamondback Cartoons

23 Apr

From April 22nd and April 23rd.