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Oh crud this blog is full!

9 Mar

I am too cheap to upgrade to the premium option, so I’m just starting a new blog. The url will still be sassyfrasscircus.com, or https://sinewthatshrinks.wordpress.com/. Thanks for your patience while I get the site together, and don’t worry: this site isn’t going anywhere, with years and years of comics and zines and weird fashion posts! Sassyfrass Circus lives on.



10 May

Things are moving too quickly as usual, but I think it’s time that I got back into the swing of this whole blogging thing. I’m moving to New Jersey at the end of the summer to start a PhD program at Rutgers, wish me luck! I drew a follow up comic about it for Shareable, which posted today. The original grad school angst comics are being published in a real live book that you can buy if you want. The fact that Cory Doctorow may have read one of my comics makes me squeal a little, nerd heroes and all that.

In the meantime I’m busy planning the D.C. Zinefest and building my freelance/ illustration portfolio. I tumble a lot, for better or worse. After a lot of bellyaching, I decided to take a hiatus from Curmudgeon while I focus on other projects, and I feel pretty good about the decision.

Also I’m seeing the Carolina Chocolate Drops tonight, which fulfills all my dreams, and so I leave you with this live performance of Milwaukee Blues, which may capture an iota of the rapture that I will experience this very eve.



28 Oct

I am not great at posting reminders every week, but rest assured comics are going up every Friday. They are not all gems, but they do force me to draw every week, and allow you the reader an opportunity to check and make sure that I am indeed still alive, and not dead with my face being eaten by cats.

These cats:

Anyway, here are clips from a couple of Curmudgeon posts that I haven’t posted here, including this week’s:

Awkward town. Also stay tuned for non-Curmudgeon projects, which still do exist in the pipes!

❤ your favorite hermit.


7 Jul

–Sassyfrass Circus is in a pop-up library at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago as part of a show called “Underground” until August 18th. The other folks in the show are fucking great so you should go check it out, Midwestern types.

A review I wrote of American Pietas by Ruby C. Tapia is up on the New Inquiry! I wrote it before the verdict in the Casey Anthony case but I think it’s all still pretty applicable.

–This weekend is Clitfest! I am doing a workshop/discussion on Saturday, July 9th called “Do-It-Yourself Expression: Utilizing Zines and Blogs for the Creation and Distribution of Independent Media”. Hopefully it will not be too ridiculous. It’s from 1:45 – 3:15 at St. Stephen’s Church. Come tell me I’m wrong about things!

–Not only is Curmudgeon alive (and updating on Fridays!) we are also doing a donations drive, so that we can pay for things like hosting. No host, no Curmudgeon, sad face. Click on the “tip jar” to check out our cool thank you presents!

–In case you miss my random senseless fashion blogging:

fartorialist in park slope.

❤ jb