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D.C. Zinefest 1st flier

29 Jan

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❤ jb

Works in Progress: D.C. Zinefest

28 Jan

Planning for this year’s D.C. Zinefest is about to get in full swing and I’ve got the to-do list to prove it. Keep an eye out for this flier (inked) and updates as things develop!

❤ jb

Night of a Thousand Hillarys

7 Oct

For some, their worst nightmares. For others, their most terrible fantasies.

But wait! Who is that peaking out of the sea of lawyer Hillary Clinton look-alikes? Is there hope for romance, even in Washington, D.C.? Find out at curmudgeoncomic.com!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you “Like” Curmudgeon on Facebook–I’m going to give away the original artwork of one of our strips to our 100th fan. Strategically, you should get all your friends to “Like” Curmudgeon and then “Like” it yourself later.

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still working on longer stuff.

27 Feb

We set a date for the D.C. Zine Fest–July 30th, 2011 at St. Stephens Church. Stay tuned for table registration/ fundraisers/event schedule and add it to your calendar now!

❤ j.bee

Good Lord do I love Achewood!

13 Sep

So I haven’t finished anything today because a) last night was a terrible adventure of getting lost walking in Northeast D.C. in heels and b) I just completed and submitted my Teach For America application.

But look, isn’t achewood hilarious?


“Ray gets sort of stoned” was posted on my bff’s g-mail status, and oh man it’s a good one too.

Tomorrow I will be watching the fabulous Miss Armida Lowe perform at the Takoma Park Folk Fest, but hopefully will also have new comix.

❤ jenna b.