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Curmudgeon on Etsy

20 Jan

To celebrate the 25th post on Curmudgeon (not counting guest comics), Foster and I are doing a sale on original artwork. Any Curmudgeon strip can be yours for only 25 dollars! If it’s not listed on Etsy just message or email me. These are not prints, these are originals, complete with blood, sweat, tears, and coffee stains.

Help us keep our lights on!

❤ jb


11 Nov

New comic up on Curmudgeon!

New curmudgeon strip posted

14 Oct

A lot of folks have asked Foster and I about the division of labor over at Curmudgeon–who writes, who draws and so forth. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you can probably figure out at least what parts I draw, and maybe even what parts I write. But for fans of Curmudgeon who didn’t find it through my other work, I sort of like the mystery.

“The Spanish artists Cabella/Carceller “portrayed collaboration as a kind of death struggle resulting in the death of the author, the end of individuality, and the impossibility of knowing where one person ends an another begins.” — J. Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure

Headed to the beach for the weekend with my sweetheart and friends! I’ll probably be writing PhD applications while B. works on his dissertation, but we’ll be at the beach!
❤ JB

Night of a Thousand Hillarys

7 Oct

For some, their worst nightmares. For others, their most terrible fantasies.

But wait! Who is that peaking out of the sea of lawyer Hillary Clinton look-alikes? Is there hope for romance, even in Washington, D.C.? Find out at curmudgeoncomic.com!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you “Like” Curmudgeon on Facebook–I’m going to give away the original artwork of one of our strips to our 100th fan. Strategically, you should get all your friends to “Like” Curmudgeon and then “Like” it yourself later.

❤ JB

Watercolor Curmudgeon

30 Sep

New Curmudgeon up! It’s just one panel and I did it at like 2 am.


New Curmudgeon Strip up!

10 Sep

Foster and I will be at SPX for a while today, maybe see you there!

Check it out.


New Curmudgeon strip up

27 Aug

Check it out!


p.s. sorry i haven’t been posting much, i just started a new job and things are crazy!