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a new page in the life of the bearded lady.

11 Dec

i never said the bearded lady has a particularly interesting life. although things always heat up after dark.

❤ j.bee

the continued adventures of the bearded lady (for guy).

1 Dec

❤ j.bee

for guy friday

20 Nov

i wasn’t happy with the page i did for our comics trade last week, so i re-did basically the same page, but way cooler.

❤ j.bee

for guy friday!

15 Nov

Another page of my Day in the Life comic.

Go check out Guy’s comic on dating the undead!

❤ j bee.

for guy friday.

6 Nov


obviously this is not the WHOLE day of the bearded lady…this is an ongoing project. this is the first time since i got this blog that i have tried using photoshop to color a comic and i’m pleased with it i think. i wanted to leave the original black and white and easy to copy because it’s going to go in a blog i’m working on about beards.

❤ j bee.

Bakhtin: A total G if there ever was one. (for guy friday)

20 Oct


I could draw a comic about dialogism but obviously I am going to draw one about the grotesque body. I’m in the process of watercoloring this lil’ thing which should be fun since I never do that.

j bee.

for guy friday…

13 Oct


check out guy’s comix at DR. BACTERIA, link over on the right under blogroll.

off to take my weekly shower and write an angry blog about assimilation, hate crimes legislation, the National Equality March and the Laramie Project: 10 Years Later. should be scathing.

also, just because, i would like to take this opportunity to express an incredible amount of love for John Prine. John Prine, I love you so much.

❤ j bee.