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39 Melachot

16 Jun



Drew this list of the 39 melachot (categories of work forbidden on Shabbat) for a friend! I will hopefully be appearing in a Shabbat zine in the near future. Get psyched for the Sabbath, yidn. If you’re interested in the history and interpretation of these, the Torah Tots breakdown is good for babies like me.

❤ jb

Still working on that longer project.

9 Feb

I (think) I’m done page 2 of the longer piece I’m working on.

A detail from the first page:

Any resemblance to people or non-profits living or dead is sheer coincidence.

❤ JB

I get home from my job and get to work.

1 Feb

As planned, I turned that comic I drew the other day into a mini-zine. It turned out pretty well, although I’m never quite content with the effects of photocopying on the cross hatching I use to disguise the fact that I can’t draw that well.

I also started a new piece which I am hoping will actually resemble a multi-page story I can submit to a project my friend is doing.

My thoughts are with folks stuck in the snow and fighting in the streets tonight.

❤ JB

Workin’ on the weekend

27 Sep

I spent a lot of Sunday with my butt in the air tearing up pallets at Engaged Community Offshoots, which is an incredible project that you need to check out. I was there with the Terp Service Kickoff, a project of the awesome place where I work (Like us on Facebook!).

ECO makes sustainable urban agriculture into an artform.

And they have an apiary!

❤ j.bee

Trying to work, despite Snowmageddon Round II.

10 Feb

Working on pages for QZAP:meta.

Bearded Lady research.

Laying out Femme a Barbe.

Rescuing brooms in the snow.

The conference I was supposed to present at on Sunday was cancelled, which is beyond tragic, but I made this semi-okay little video for one of my classes:

❤ j.bee

the continued adventures of the bearded lady (for guy).

1 Dec

❤ j.bee