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DC Zinefest is coming!

23 Jul

And I will be there. Also I drew a flier.



Philly Feminist Zinefest Reading tomorrow!

17 May


Cynthia Ann – writes the creative nonfiction zine Secret Bully and the oral history zine Habits of Being. She is the zine editor at The Le Sigh, a musician, and a true bull Taurus.

Laura Chow Reeve writes in West Philly, but is preparing to move across the country to get her MA in Asian American Studies. In January, she wrote a weird short story every day. It’s now a zine called “An Introduction to Eating Your Heart: 31 Stories in 31 Days.”

Ariana Stone (Ariana Stone makes Phlegm Fatale, a perzine about her dumb life. She is a DC Zinefest co-organizer and snack enthusiast. She would love to see you there this year, especially if you have snacks.)

Nilu Duang (Fluxxii)

Khristina Acosta is the co-founder of No Shame Distro, a people of color collective that promotes zine writers and artists of color. She is the author of the zines Birthday Party and What to Keep / What to Give Away. These zines explore the topics of healthy relationships with other’s and one’s own sexualities, assimilation and the loss of language, and being a person of color in the punk world. She was additionally an organizer of Clitfest New Brunswick in 2012. Khristina currently resides in Philadephia, although she can be found traveling to multiple cities throughout the East Coast and Canada.

Jen Twigg (Tongueswell) is a Maryland native who lived in Chicago for four years and organized the Chicago Zine Fest for three of them. She now lives in Philly and learned how to make coffee drinks for her job from YouTube. She writes zines about playing music, trying to find a home, family secrets, and more.

Taryn Hipp (Taryn Hipp is an old tattooed college lady who has been making zines for more than half her life. Currently she writes the perzine “Ladyteeth,” a collection of stories about her experiences living with anxiety, getting divorced, getting sober, & falling in love. Every day is a beautiful gift & a terrifying adventure that continues to make her stronger.)

Come hang out!


Mark Yr Calendar! Philly Feminist Zinefest!

7 May


Drew up this flier for the Philly Feminist Zinefest, which will be taking place on June 28th at Neighborhood House in Philly! Registration is already open for tablers, and a bunch of lead-up events are happening, including a May 18th zine reading where you can come hang out with me, and other people that are cooler than me.

Also, if you want to get real deep in the zine world but maybe haven’t let fly with your own zine yet, consider submitting to one of mine? Perhaps this Born in Flames fanzine?

❤ jb

Life before Zinefest

20 Feb

Life before Zinefest

A million scary and exciting things

24 Aug

It seems like all the things are happening all at once! The D.C. Zinefest was a smashing success, the Femme conference was an amazing weekend of supportive and babely femmes being brilliant, and somewhere along the way I officially moved to New Jersey. Pen pals new and old take note!

Pieces for the femme con art show– W3R3B1TCH3S #1 and #2

The detritus of mine and J.Ros’s “My Body’s Too Beardalicious For You Babe” crafting and facial hair workshop, in progress.

I hope to get back to regular posting soon, once I’m settled and not living out of a suitcase anymore! In the meantime, me and my scruffy zine suitcase will be at the Philly Feminist Zinefest on Sunday.

❤ jb

p.s. I will NOT have a new Femme a Barbe for the zinefest Sunday–I need about 3 more submissions to round out a really solid issue, since I’ve gotten a lot of submissions on the shorter side this go around. Send yr shit to sassyfrasscircus@gmail.com! Thanks boos.

This cat wants you to come to the D.C. Zinefest

26 Jul

If somehow you’ve missed all the information about the Zinefest, go to dczinefest.com or the Facebook invite and make yer plans to be there. I’ll have a brand new zine, Doykeit #1, ready and waiting.

❤ jb

Upcoming Events–Philly & NYC

11 Oct

On November 13th, I will be tabling at the Philadelphia Zinefest! I will probably have some new zineage if all goes as planned. I hope to see y’all there! Philly was the first zinefest I ever tabled at, but I haven’t made it the past couple of years so I am super excited.

And the next weekend, I will be speaking on the Share or Die panel at SHARE NYC, at 9 am on November 19th! If you register for the conference now with the Code earlybird19, you’ll save 25%. I’m really looking forward to this conference, I think it will be totally rad. “SHARE NY is an event that aims to give you the tools, knowledge, and connections to begin to create your own future – one that is more affordable, sustainable, connected, and tapped into the growing new sharing economy.”

❤ jb